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Article - The Life of Moses
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Arsenal Bible (MS 5211 f.68r): Scenes from the Life of Moses
Unknown artist
1250 - 1254The Life of MosesGenesisColor illustration
Bibliotheque de l`Arsenal, Paris
Die Bucher der Bibel: Moses
Lilien Ephraim Moshe
1908The Life of MosesExodus / Ki Tissa Book illustration
Duke of Alba Bible: Burial of Moses
Unknown artist
1430The Life of MosesDeuteronomy / VeZot HaBerakha Color illustration
Liria Palace, Madrid
Dura Europos Synagogue: Moses at Mt. Nebo
Unknown artist
244The Life of MosesDeuteronomy / VeZot HaBerakha Fresco
National Museum of Syria, Damascus
Dura Europos Synagogue: The finding of Moses
Unknown artist
244The Life of MosesExodus / Shemot Fresco
National Museum of Syria, Damascus
Holy Ark
Horn Milton
1960The Life of MosesExodus / Ki Tissa Wood carving
Temple Israel, Charleston, W. Virginia
Moses and Aaron
Autere Hannes
1923The Life of MosesExodus / Shemot Sculpture
Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
Moses and Aaron
Hirshfield Morris
1944The Life of MosesExodus / PekoudeiOil on canvas
Sidney Janis Gallery, New York
Moses at Mount Nebo
Sgan Cohen Michael
1978The Life of MosesDeuteronomy / VeZot HaBerakha Acrylic and oil on canvas
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Moses at the Burning Bush and Receiving the Tablets
Unknown artist
mid-6th centuryThe Life of MosesExodus / Shemot Mosaic
Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai
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