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Article - The Scroll of Ruth
Title / Artist 
Weekly Portion
Admont Bible (Cod. ser. nov. 2701, f. 105v): Boaz and Ruth; Ruth gleaning
Unknown artist
mid-12th centuryRuthRuthColor illustration
Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Arsenal Bible (MS 5211, 364v): Ruth and Boaz in the Threshing Floor (detail)
Unknown artist
1250 - 1254RuthRuthColor illustration
Bibliotheque de l`Arsenal, Paris
Biblia Sacra iuxta vulgat[am] quam dicvnt editionem, by Jean Benoit: Ruth and Boaz
Unknown artist
Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta
Biblia Sacra: Familia Ruth Moabitidis
Dali Salvador
1964 - 1967RuthRuthLithograph
Roberto Mastella Collection, Aosta
Boaz and Ruth
Rembrandt (van Rijn)
1638RuthRuthPen and wash
Staatlichen Museen, Berlin
Boaz Casting Barley into Ruth`s Veil
Rembrandt (van Rijn)
1643RuthRuthPen and brush drawing
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Boaz receives the shoe
Victors Jan
1635-1676RuthRuthOil on canvas
Staedel Kunstinstitut and urban Gallery, Frankfurt
Boaz regales Ruth
Victors Jan
1653 RuthRuthOil on canvas
Richard L. Feigen & Co. New York
Halitzah ceremony
Unknown artist
1683RuthRuthCopper engraving
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Illuminated Naples Bible (Ms. 1191, f.97v): Wedding of Machlon and Chillion
Unknown artist
14th centuryRuthRuthColor illustration
Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
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